DFND Partners Program

If you are a finance, accounting, or security professional DFND wants to partner with you.  DFND can help you grow your practice while helping to defend your clients from fraud, embezzlement, errors and omissions.  What does partnering with DFND do for you?

Working with DFND gives you additional, valuable services to offer your clients including forensic accounting, government watch-list checking and data deduplication.  You will have additional opportunities to interact with clients and prospective clients.

Working with DFND affords you the ability to delve deeper into your clients’ business and uncover new ways to help them.  DFND’s partners program allows trusted professionals to benefit from their clients’ use of DFND services.

What does partnering with DFND do for your clients? Your clients gain access to all of the DFND services while primarily working through a trusted advisor — you.  Your clients gain the deterrence effect of having their employees, vendors, and clients know that all key corporate transactions are monitored for potential issues and maleficence.

Additional advantages of the Partners program:  We work through you, not your client, so you stay in control.  You and your client choose when to run your DFND reports.  DFND staffers are available to you as a resource to help clarify any potential issues.

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