Will it take DFND a long time to find irregular transactions?

DFND’s tools can spot many errors, omissions, and frauds very quickly. However, the more data you give to us, the greater the chances a problem will be found if it exists.

Doesn’t our accountant already do this?

Most likely, the answer is “no.” Accountants are trained to look at your organization’s General Ledger and review it according to generally accepted accounting principles. A search for frauds and misrepresentations is usually handled by a forensic accountant.

Why can’t we hire our own forensic accountant?

You can. However, forensic accountants are much more expensive than working with DFND. They usually work for large scale businesses and on specific projects. DFND is on duty all the time for you.

How do we get started?

Contact us to set up a file transfer account.  After the account is set, you can send us the last 6 months of files from your accounting software. Shortly thereafter you will receive your first set of DFND internal fraud analysis reports.

What happens to our files after they are sent to you?

The files are collected, encrypted, and analyzed over time to find relationships among transactions.  A set of more than 35 standard and proprietary forensic accounting and financial reports are run, then returned along with a cover letter from a DFND analyst.

We prefer if DFND’s tools are installed on our own servers. Is this possible?

This is allowed under certain circumstances. Contact us for pricing.

How many sets of reports a year do we get?

A DFND subscription includes up to 6 full sets of reports per year.  Additional sets of reports may be purchased if necessary.

What if we want an analysis of more than 6 months of data?

Contact us for pricing.

What are the technical requirements?

Currently, DFND works with SAP and Quickbooks.

What if we want to work with DFND, but we don’t use SAP?

Contact us and we will tell you how to convert your organization’s data to the DFND format.

What is the commitment of my organization?

DFND customers are obligated to a one-year subscription, which automatically renews each year.  You may cancel 30 days before the renewal anniversary.

What about security?

DFND provides bank-level security. The company takes extraordinary measures to ensure your data security is impenetrable.

Are there any types of fraud DFND not look for?

DFND tools do not directly address shrinkage (inventory theft).

Does DFND only work with U.S. companies?

DFND works with companies worldwide and can work with any currency.  However, DFND does not do currency conversions.  DFND can only work with clients using one currency.