Your Detailed Reports

On average, most fraud instances are discovered two years after theft beginsYour annual fee includes 6 full sets of reports that can be run at any time of your choosing over the course of your contract year. For example, run them every two months to keep on top of things or all in a two-week period should an emergency arise.

DFND runs over 30 standard and proprietary forensic accounting, data quality, and watch-list checks, generating a comprehensive set of interactive deliverables known as the DFND Workbook. You are provided with a summary page of your results as well as the ability to drill down all the way to the individual transactions that make up the report allowing deep insight into your organization. Where applicable, you are also given a graphic overview of the results of each test, which helps to make any potential anomalies quickly jump out.

Perhaps most importantly, a financial professional on the DFND staff personally reviews each set of reports run for you. With each set of test results you will receive a concise cover letter that points out what your “Defender” believes to be the most pertinent issues raised in the reports. This helps you go right to the heart of the matter without wasting time, energy, or spending unnecessary resources.

Detailed Fraud Reports

DFND Data Overview

DFND Data Overview

DFND Report with Drill Down

DFND Drilldown Report

Graphical View of your DFND Report

DFND Report Overview

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